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IT Support in Care Homes

IT Support in Care Homes

We have been providing IT support to care homes now for several years and have a proven track record in delivering high quality, responsive IT support.

Technology is constantly evolving and there are more opportunities than ever to increase efficiency within the care home business but most importantly deliver a better service to care home residents.

WiFi is now common place across society, from cafe’s to hospitals, we are all able to access the internet wherever we are. We have found that an increasing number of care home residents also benefit from this most flexible of networking technology. Residents nowadays enjoy watching online / Smart TV services such NetFlix, iPlayer, 4OD etc as well as chatting to their family on their iPad via Facebook Messenger, Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

Care Management Software such as Person Centred Care is common place in most care homes nowadays as are the portable devices used by staff. Often these devices can be simple mobile phone type devices, locked down to only be able to run the care management software (to prevent staff being distracted by other apps!).

Microsoft 365 is a great package and used extensively across all businesses nowadays, including care homes. The MIcrosoft 365 package of software includes Word, Excel and Powerpoint but so much more as well! Microsoft Teams allows for remote meetings, saving time travelling and is extensively used in Councils and government departments including the Department of Health and most of the NHS. The major advantage for care homes though is the ability to move data which is currently held on unreliable servers within the homes to the ‘cloud’ basically meaning that Microsoft look after your data on their servers (Sharepoint), thus instantly reducing the hassles of look after your own servers.

If you would like to discuss how we can help you achieve some of the above projects in your care home, please do contact us.

Mike Cartwright


Director of Cartwright IT

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